6 Tips To Avoid Bee Stings

Most people are afraid of bee stings. Here are a few true and tried tips that are proven to reduce your risk of being stung when around or working with bees.

Stay still

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You may not feel like it, but staying calm when bees check you out is one of the best ways to avoid getting stung. Move slowly, let them realize you are not a threat (or a flower), and they will leave you alone.

Tight clothes are better

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Bees can get trapped by loose clothes, and will end up stinging if they can't get out or if you squash them against your skin. Wear tight cuffs, keep shirts tucked in. Better yet, wear a bee suit when around bees.

Wear boring colors around bees

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Colorful, flowery clothes look great, but they attract the bees. If you want them to leave you alone, don't dress in clothes that make you look like a bunch of flowers.

Don't walk barefoot

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Walking barefoot is great for the beach, but not on the grass, when bees are around. If ou step on a bee, it will sting you to defend itself.

Cover your hair

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Bees trapped in hair cause panic in both the bee and the hair owner. Make sure to cover your hair when checking the bees.

Don't wear perfume

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Bees are very good at sensing scents. If you smell like a flower, they will want to check you out!

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