Kids For Bees – The Terrific Terrabytes

A few weeks ago we had the chance of reconnecting with some old friends, David and Nathan, and their parents, Simona and Christian. We were pleased to find out they were part of  the Terrific Terrabytes – a team of 5 kids competing in a lego robotics competition in Walla Walla, WA.

They put together a very nice skit about bees and their importance in pollination. You can see it below:

Below is the text of their skit:

(David) 1. Hello, we are the Terrific Terrabytes. We decided to do our project on helping bees to have more flowers to pollinate.

(Jessica) 2. In our research we have found many challenges the bees have. For instance, Miracle grow and other pesticides actually kill the bees. It would be helpful if more people were bee keepers. Global warming is affecting the bee population.

(Bobby) 3. In finding our innovative solution we had to keep in mind the factors of implementation. Not everyone can be a bee keeper. Nor can we stop the use of pesticides. Global warning is a little out of our hands.

(Nathan) 4. However, encouraging people to grow a variety of bee-friendly flowers is something we could do! We decided to make a business card-sized coupon that could be in the pots of spring bedding plants. The coupon would be for 10% off, thus encouraging people to buy these bee-friendly flowers.

(Rocky) 5. Meanwhile, a bee keeper came to our school and showed us a hive and all the work that goes into catching, maintaining, and harvesting the honey from the hive.

(David) 6. Then we shared our findings with our Grays Harbor Christian School board.

(Jessica) 7. Our third time to share findings was the best yet! We went to a locally owned chain of hardware stores. The manager that we met with thought our project was a great idea, he had heard of the trouble bees are having.

(Bobby) 8. He said he would talk to his buyer about getting more bee-friendly plants. He thought the coupon idea was very workable. He is even thinking about running our bee-friendly 10% off with our coupon in one of their weekly flyers. The manager said he would be getting back to us.

(Nathan) 9. We ended our visit with the manager and he gave us all a flower to take home.

(Rocky) 10. Albert Einstein once said: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.  No more bees, no more pollination… no more men!” Therefore we found it important to help the bees help us.

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