Saving The Honey Bees, One At A Time…

All kids care about animals. Most kids like bugs and insects. Of all insects, honey bees are one of the most fascinating to watch and learn about.

Jayden Loves Bees

Jayden, our 8 years old son, became fascinated by bees after he visited his grandpa, Stefan, during a trip to Romania, a little more than a year ago.

His grandpa loves bees very much. When he was a 5 years old, he liked to sit close to the hive entrance and watch, sometimes for hours on end, the bees fly in and out. When he grew up, he became a beekeeper. Even now, at 88, grandpa Stefan has over 50 beehives that he takes care of. That is a lot of work for an old man, but when you really like something, work is a pleasure. This is why it is very important, when you all grow up and look for a job, to remember to choose something that you enjoy. It will help you be and stay happy!

A Bee Story

But let’s get back to Jayden and the poor bee in the video above. It was a colder than usual September evening, and the bee was caught by surprise by a short rain shower while gathering her last batch of nectar for the day.  When Jayden found it, it was clear she was not going to make it back to her hive on her own.

Because he cares about bees, he helped this “little girl” get strong again by feeding it a bit of honey.

Honey is what gives energy to bees, so they can fly. It gets absorbed in their bodies very quickly, and within minutes, the bee was moving a lot better and took off.

Did you know that we, humans, absorb honey quite fast, too? Yes, it’s true! In fact, it only takes 15 minutes for honey to get from mouth to muscle, where it can be used as fuel for running, jumping, swimming, or anything else like that. Just remember one or two tablespoons of honey a day is plenty for a child, and even for a grown up.

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